Metatopia: Ben’s Recap

Well, I haven’t felt like being on the internet for the past few days for what should be obvious reasons. As part of an exercise in trying to get something else, anything else on my screen, let’s talk about conventions.

First off the entire staff was efficient, friendly, and awesome as usual. Meta is a weird little beastie, reminding me far more of the science conferences of academia or Small Press Expo more than a gaming con. This is deliberate. This is a con where designers and professionals meet to knock the rough corners off of their fresh hewn games and for gamers to get a first look at what might be in the coming year.

We got great feedback on our games. One of the Damocles team, the lovely and talented Ms. Jacqueline  Bryk, won the Golden Cobra award for Most Convention-Ready Design. I played some truly innovative games with great worlds and truly unique mechanics. I even played a well balanced and crunchy  FUDGE/FATE hack that keeps the speed and fluidity of the originals. I am torn about how to explain it without giving too much away, since you can’t copyright a game mechanic. Suffice to say, it takes place in 1432 in British-occupied France. It beautifully decouples the danger of an action from its difficulty and I am stoked as hell to play it. I could not find a website for the creator, but if i do I will post it here.

Other things happened too. I am sure Jacqueline or Jocelyn will mention them. Watch this space since the fruits of our Metatopian labors will be hitting Kickstarter this Thursday.

(Oh, one last thing. Jonathon Gilmour pre pre pre alpha’d a game about polyamory that rocked out loud.)

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