Metatopia: Jocelyn’s Recap

This past Metatopia was pretty amazing.  I met some wonderful people, played some innovative games, and got excellent feedback on our current project.  Also, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate Jacqueline Bryk on winning a Golden Cobra for her free-form LARP, The Porch!  Now, or someday soon you can check it out here.

Wooo! Congratulations!

All in all it was a fabulous con.  I left with more creative energy than what I came in with, which is always a plus.  The feedback we got on Curtain Call, formerly known as The Show Must Go!, was along lines which were not unexpected.  Questions such as,

“How does this actor contain another actor? That seems pretty gross.”

could only be answered by acknowledging that we needed to tighten up the language on the cards.  Something which happened yesterday line by line and card by card.  Also, players need a chance to build up their theater company before someone else can kick it down.  So, some tweaks there as well.  The most gratifying piece of feedback was that the mechanics and play of the game really feel like local theater!  Making sure the theme of a game is present and apparent in every aspect of it is just so important that hearing that was a massive ‘phwew!’.  Now any other challenge can be conquered.

Including those beyond the game table such as packaging for retail.  A very informative panel hosted by Melissa Lewis-Gentry of Modern Myths gave some really important insights such as the box for the game can be bigger than the game itself.  The past couple weeks I’ve been going back and forth with manufacturers about the precise interior vs. exterior dimensions of custom made boxes and now I can climb out of that rabbit hole. Yay!  The atmosphere of this Metatopia was very warm and very supportive.  People all around the con seemed very respectful of other’s space, physical and otherwise.  Any criticism given was constructive and folks were concerned about which aspect of a game a designer wanted to playtest showing the really collaborative feel to the con.

Also, I got to be a dinosaur for an hour.  Not a dinosaur princess mind you, just an average janeasaur, which was awesome!  There’s something very peaceful about getting together with some fellow gamers and playing make believe.  I haven’t hid in a cave (under some tables) to escape an approaching sky-predator (another LARPer) in waay too long.  That’s all for now.

Peace out brussel sprout   : )

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