Damocles Thread Development is an indie publishing and design house run out of northern Delaware, by a crack team of experts in everything from crisis management to Irish literature. We do a little bit of everything in the industry: tabletops, LARPs, card games, board games, conference logistics, and more.

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Find our talk shows, video game streams, and live plays of tabletop RPGs on our Twitch channel!

Twitch Schedule:

  • Mondays 5pm – 8pm: Covered In Bees
  • Tuesdays 8pm – 10pm: Jax Has Feels
  • Wednesdays 9:30pm – 10:30pm: Get Me Out Of Gilead!
  • Thursdays 1pm – 3pm: GameChef
  • Fridays 4pm – 5pm: Malkuth Madness Network
  • Sundays 8pm – 10pm: Turning The Tables Presents: 200 Word Mayhem

All times are in EST. Subject to change. See our Facebook group for more information.



We at Damocles Thread Development are thrilled to announce that we will be working with Onyx Path Publishing on a live action (LARP) adaptation of Scion!

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