Dreamation 2017 Schedule!

The Porch: (Thursday 8pm-12am)
Friends gather on a porch in a small Southern town near the end of the summer after their High School graduation. Each one of them has a burning question that they can’t ask. The Porch is a 2016 Golden Cobra-winning freeform for between 4 and 12 players

Pounded In The Butt By A Microgame: A Chuck Tingle LARP (Friday 11am-1pm)
You are a hard buckaroo looking for someone to roughhouse with in a NORMAL way. Find the hardest buds by asking the REAL questions–but be careful of void creatures and devilmen. For 8-14 players

The Witcher: From Novigrad with Love (Friday 8pm-12am)
The Free City of Novigrad, the largest city in the world, sits at the mouth of the Pontar River and it is said that every gold piece ever minted has passed through its port. The nobles of Novigrad hold the power of kings within the city’s vaulted walls, so when the most powerful of the city’s magistrates throws a party every man, woman, criminal, courtier, villain, and mercenary is sure to come out to play. On the eve of the Third Nilfgaardian war, Lady Mary Du Montillion is holding court. The players of the city are gathering.. and something is stirring deep in the heart of the city, something that should have them all very very afraid. Based on The Witcher Universe created by Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher: From Novigrad with Love is a parlor LARP that focuses on the relationships between the upper and middle classes in a low-fantasy medieval setting.

Lords of Hell: Absence of Darkness? (Friday 12am-4am)
Netherworlds are dark places where evil deeds like Murder, Extortion, Hostile Redecorating, Familial Betrayal, Cake Theft, and other things considered most heinous crimes by humans are considered just part of everyday life. Netherworlds are planets inhabited by Demons, where the most powerful rule as Overlords. Just as there are many different planets, there are many different Netherworlds as well. In order to keep some semblance of order amongst the Netherworlds, the Overlords select a puissant Demon to rule as the Supreme OverLord. With the death of the previous Supreme Overlord after an unfortunate pretzel incident, the most powerful Overlords are gathering to elect a new Supreme Overlord. Lords of Hell is a Parlour LARP where players will be invited to embody over the top demons with wild, inhuman personalities and desires.

Black Sunday 1935: (Saturday 9am-1am)
A carnival has to ride out the Black Sunday storm of ‘35 in the church basement of a town that both hates and loves them. An American freeform based on southern gothic classics like “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” and Carnivale. Takes up to 22 players.


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