Weekly Twitch Update and Cross-Promotions!

covered in bees patreon thumbnail

Covered In Bees! was on Monday at 5pm EST with Sarah and Ben. Its inaugural episode covered different kinds of bees, villagers, and mods!

Jax Has Feels Patreon Thumbnail

Jax Has Feels was on Tuesday at 8pm EST with Jacqueline and Justin. Its inaugural episode covered Growling Door Games’ Curse the Darkness , three different beers, and licking things!

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Malkuth Madness was on Friday at 4pm EST and covered Donald Trump’s face appearing in marble, dancing zebras, and Florida Man!

Shout Outs!

Rose Bailey of Onyx Path has a new Patreon right over here! You should check it out and donate and get cool games like Die For You and Bright and Terrible!

Jim Stewart Allen often hosts our Twitch streams and is a joy to watch. You can find his daily Oregon Trail streams here!

Chelsea Rose, one of our channel mods, has a DA that you should check out here!

Thank you to Felix Warren and Sarah Zeiter for the beautiful art!

Now On Kickstarter: Curtain Call!

You finally got the rights to The Lion King In Yellow. You got permission to use the Black Box Theater.  That’s when all the trouble began. You had hoped–in vain, perhaps–for An Unusual Air of Cooperation. What you got was an Angry Props Mistress, a couple of Stoned Techs, and an actor who insists on Providing Their Own Costume, no matter how ridiculous. Tech week is tomorrow. What do you do?

Curtain Call is a fun, fast-paced card game for three to six players about the trials and tribulations of casting, directing, and running a show. Illustrated by R.K. Milholland of Something Positive, and including stories from Broadway professionals and amateur companies alike, Curtain Call is sure to strike a chord with anyone involved in the world of theater.

Or make them recoil in horror at the memories.

You can back the Kickstarter here!

Hello, world!

Welcome to the shiny new blog and website for Damocles Thread Development, indie game developer and publisher. We’re still in the process of building it–but we have one now, and we’re excited.

So who are you?

I’m Jacqueline Bryk, staff writer for Damocles, and your host for this evening. Most of the posts you’ll see here are mine, though you may see some from the company officers from time-to-time as well.

Why Damocles Thread Development?

Because our company officers have a dark sense of humor and are keenly aware of how quickly everything could come crashing down around our ears at any given time.

What does “no problem too strange” mean?

Our officers and writers come from an incredibly diverse variety of backgrounds, including disaster science, crisis response, finance, anthropology, theoretical mathematics, electrical engineering, international relations, Irish literature, world history, and graphic design. We’ve done everything from rewriting business plans for multimillion dollar startups to planning ten-year LARP chronicles to rescuing people from dangerous situations in other states.

In other words, if there’s a problem, yo, we’ll solve it.

What can I expect from the site as it continues to expand?

Among other things: our convention schedule, announcements about collaborations with other designers, updates on planned projects, notes from the officers, free microLARPs, and other cool stuff.

And also a donate button, at some point. We gotta eat.