Weekly Twitch Update and Cross-Promotions!

covered in bees patreon thumbnail

Covered In Bees! was on Monday at 5pm EST with Sarah and Ben. Its inaugural episode covered different kinds of bees, villagers, and mods!

Jax Has Feels Patreon Thumbnail

Jax Has Feels was on Tuesday at 8pm EST with Jacqueline and Justin. Its inaugural episode covered Growling Door Games’ Curse the Darkness , three different beers, and licking things!

Malkuth Madness Simple Logo Splash Page 85Ratio

Malkuth Madness was on Friday at 4pm EST and covered Donald Trump’s face appearing in marble, dancing zebras, and Florida Man!

Shout Outs!

Rose Bailey of Onyx Path has a new Patreon right over here! You should check it out and donate and get cool games like Die For You and Bright and Terrible!

Jim Stewart Allen often hosts our Twitch streams and is a joy to watch. You can find his daily Oregon Trail streams here!

Chelsea Rose, one of our channel mods, has a DA that you should check out here!

Thank you to Felix Warren and Sarah Zeiter for the beautiful art!

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